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HRCM - 21st century nanotechnology of water purification

Water after HRCM filtration acquires the quality of blue light, similar to the water obtained from the glaciers of the mountain.

What Is HRCM?[Graphene]

High Reactive Carbon Mixture

HRCM is known to clean water to its highest level of purity, which was demonstrated to the scientists in Russia based on test reports from Russia, the USA and India. HRCM has a water purification technology, which completely cleans the water from all known bacteria and viruses. By the usage of smallest suspension in the filters, the microorganisms are inhibited from moving independently in water. Moistened HRCM keeps the smallest particulate matter bound together in the thickness of the filter element. The process also obstructs bacteria through the nano-silver-plating, thus cleansing water from all microbes. HRCM as a filter makes it possible to clean water from microorganisms in the water. The fact is that many microorganisms do not sail in the water in a free state, they usually settle down on small suspensions. Since HRCM retains even minutest suspensions, during filtration, the suspensions are retained with the microorganisms. To avoid the microbial multiplication in the filter itself, HRCM is silver plated. Silver- plated HRCM possesses enormous advantage in comparison to other silver-plated sorbents which is because the silver ions in HRCM are not so easily washed out into the filtered water.